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M E E T   T H E  T E A M

AGPcollective is a team of artists with one shared passion: telling your stories in the most artful + authentic way.



The creative director and establishing artist of the AGP, Sarah specializes in visual storytelling and infusing mood + emotion into a photograph. With a background in anthropology, she has a deep appreciation for the human experience and a talent for anticipating moments before they happen. When she’s not holding a camera, she’s working on her first book.


S E A N - C L I Q U E B A I T P H O T O B O O T H

Sean is the Head Honcho of photo booth ops. He serves double-duty as Sarah's assistant for our high-end weddings and has a background on second camera for wedding cinematography. As of October 2018, he is also Sarah’s husband.

*we are not currently accepting booth bookings for events after Dec 2020.


E L I Z A - 2 n d S h o o t e r

The most formally educated photographer in the bunch, Eliza has a strong foundation in the visual arts and an eye for perfection. Her images have been published internationally alongside Sarah's, and she has been with AGP since we started. Eliza is also available to work as an associate, taking the lead on weddings when I am already booked.


S A B I N A - 2 n d S h o o t e r

Sabina is an Israeli-born photographer based in West Chester, PA. She specializes in portrait photography and has been co-shooting with AGP since 2017. Her first wedding with us was published in The Knot NYC in July 2018.

We also work with Dan Wilson and Genava Gisondi, who always seem busy on picture day. We have recently discontinued our in-house cinematography program.


Beautiful images: lots of people can make them. What sets AGPcollective apart is a client-focused approach to wedding day.

What can you expect when you work with us? 


It's your day, not ours.

From the most modest celebrations to the grandest affairs, there is one universal truth that applies to every wedding: the day goes too fast!

Whether you realize it or not, your photographer has a lot of control over how thoroughly you enjoy (and get to participate in) the most elaborate party you have ever thrown. Unlike many photography studios who are still in a growth phase, we have all the accolades we ever dreamed of. This includes having our work featured widely across the US, as well as in Europe and Asia. We've seen our images on Good Morning America, in The Knot, Philadelphia Weddings, and on all our favorite wedding blogs. We are no longer building a portfolio, and that means we won't hijack your day to make it about our goals and whims as photographers. 

Because whatever that ego-driven approach is, it's the opposite of ours. Whether you work with Sarah or an associate photographer, your day will remain YOUR day. We hang back and wait for the magic moments to occur naturally and we make sure we never stop paying attention so we don't miss them when they do. We will help to create moments when necessary, or when our clients need a hand with getting comfortable in front of the camera. And of course, we always make sure we satisfy the need for classic, timeless formal portraiture when the appropriate time comes. Otherwise, we let you live your day. The day you've been waiting for all of your life. The day that is yours. 


a modern processing style that feels natural

In the photography industry, there is a lot of pressure to develop a strong signature 'preset' (much like the filters you see on Instagram or Snapchat). The prevailing idea is to make all of your clients' events look as similar as possible, for "brand consistency".

We ain't about that life. While AGP has a definite look, and in general operates under a preset processing technique, we approach each client's event as a unique one. We look at the elements you have provided us: florals, venue space, available natural elements and settings, your hair and make-up choice, colors, shoes...we get a flavor from all these elements and develop a look for your wedding that honors the design you so meticulously worked to perfect. We aim to translate the mood of your day into our images, so that the viewer can immediately feel exactly what it felt like to be there with you. Each completed gallery will have a strong consistency within it, but it won't look exactly like everyone else's. We'd hate to distract from our subjects with a strong, heavy-handed (and trendy) filter.

So. Maybe our "brand consistency" is a little off, but you know what's not? Our 5-star client satisfaction rating. That's the only kind of consistency we care about.


we get life.

Life is sweet, life is hard, life is different for each of us. Families are amazing, families are complicated, families are all that we've got. Our team has lived some pretty intense life between the bunch of us. We understand that the people you've chosen to surround yourself with on your wedding day are the people you love and cherish the very most, no matter how complicated things may be today. We also understand that some day, these cherished friends and family members will go on to live in our memories alone. 

We make it a priority to capture meaningful moments whenever we spot them happening (and believe me, we have eyes like a hawk for this). It's one thing to create a formal portrait of you and your mom or best friend or grandparent standing stiffly next to one another. It's something else entirely to catch a little slice of the two of you, just being your very you-iest, and to freeze that moment in time for forever. 

If you don't get the importance of that just yet, believe me: some day you will. We've got your back til then.

What Sarah’s portfolio cannot reveal is how hard-working and caring she is. She went above and beyond the entire day of my wedding, capturing every important moment beautifully. Yet unlike some pushy photographers I’ve witnessed, her presence never interrupted the fun atmosphere.

I know weddings are expensive, and you might be tempted to scrimp on a photographer. Trust me, you will regret this. My wedding was three months ago and I find myself scrolling through my wedding photos multiple times a week, reliving the happy day. It was absolutely money well spent, and I could not be more pleased!
— Nine Hart, Ithaca Farmers Market wedding

Questions & Answers

How long have you been doing this?

I shot my first 7 years ago, and my third was featured in an international wedding publication. As a self-taught photographer, that was a huge confidence booster. I began to focus on weddings after that, with no signs of stopping. I lost count after 100!

Are you insured?

Absolutely. I carry a $2M liability policy, and am happy to provide it if your venue requires it. All of my equipment is insured, and I bring back-ups to every job.


have you ever thrown a wedding yourself?

Funny you should mention it. Sean and I were married October 13, 2018. It was such an eye-opening experience as a wedding professional. I actually can’t believe I managed before I had this first-person perspective to inform how I do things. The experience of being a bride has had the most profound impact on my path as a photographer. I can’t wait to apply this new insight throughout the 2019-2020 seasons.


We aren’t working with a planner. Can you help us with our timeline? 

For sure. As we get closer to your date, we will complete an extensive document that covers timeline, family member and bridal party shot list, etc.

But also….consider hiring a day-of coordinator. The representatives from the venue are almost NEVER as present and available on wedding day as they say they will be. You will want someone by your side and fielding calls and questions, believe me.


Some of your images are bright + airy and some are moodier. What can we expect for our photos?

I tweak my processing method for each client, based on their color palette, the mood of the day, the weather, and a bunch of intangible factors. I also LOVE guidance from my clients, so if you’ve seen something on my website that you want for yourself, just let me know! I like to switch things up to stay fresh, but also don’t want that to come at the expense of fixing what isn’t broken. Your input is of great value to me.

have you shot at our venue before?

I understand why people ask this question; I spent the year leading up to our wedding stalking every single picture taken at Foxfire Mountain House. That said, I used someone new to the venue, who had not even visited beforehand (and she did an incredible job!). If I haven’t shot there before, I am probably dying to. Put me in, coach.

I have sometimes stepped off a plane, driven to a venue, seen it for the first time, and started shooting. No sweat. It has no impact on my work to have shot at a venue before.


Have you ever lost a wedding or any of your client’s files?

Hell no.


recommended vendors

As an industry insider and recent bride, I have the unique advantage of having worked with many rockstar vendors, primarily in the Philadelphia and New York areas. As a service to our clients, I decided to put forth my suggestions for a few businesses that have wowed me over my seven years in business, and for our own wedding.



PA: Clover Event Co. (Jesse was our planner, Caitlin was our bride!) Confetti & Co., Laurel & Elm

NY: Jove Meyer Events, NYC and Gina Maloney Events, Hudson Valley


PA: Faye and Renee, We Are Wildflowers, Fresh Design Florists

NY: Mimosa Floral Design, Saipua, Hops Petunia


Birdhouse Films
Solidity Films


hair and makeup

PA: Onlo (hair and makeup)

NY: Jessa Blades - (makeup only)


DJ: Kenan of Les Loups/Chances with Wolves
Live Trio: Bernstein Bard Trio


Print Goods

NY: Fourteen-Forty -

CA: Shipwright & Co. - letterpress (ours)


NY: Jeddah Vailakis (ours!)
PA: Officially Merried, Alissa Tongg Celebrant



PA: Maggpie Vintage Rentals, Holmespun Farmhouse Tables

NY: Rent Patina -