jane + brian : brooklyn wedding photographer

This past Saturday, I was grateful to witness one of my dearest friends marrying his perfect match. Brian and I met when we were both slanging steaks at the Longhorn Steakhouse about eleven years ago. I always knew he was going to go far in life, and watching him get to Here from There has been the kind of experience that, I don't know...makes me a little weepy?  

Getting to know Jane and understanding the love they have for another, and the way they  inspire each other, is the good stuff. The best stuff. I started the day at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge with her and her ladies, while my second shooter, Dan Wilson spent some time kicking it with the boys. 

We headed down to Brooklyn Bridge Park for their wedding party photos and were joined by every other wedding party from a 4 miles radius, a quinceañera, and some ... clowns? 

During a previous trip to Brooklyn, we'd wandered around DUMBO and found some spots for couple's portraits. Just like last time, we were joined on wedding day by the couple's close friend and officiant Ryan Barkan. 

Brian and Jane were married at Bacchus, a wine bistro on Atlantic Ave. The garden was a perfect setting for an intimate Brooklyn wedding, and the whole ceremony (all 10 minutes of it) and reception had a super chill vibe, even for 'the help'. 

Brian and Jane met when they were at favorite bar Woody's and Jane sauntered over to him (yes, sauntered), where he stood hogging the jukebox in typical Cappelli fashion. Fearing he was loading the thing up with Nickelback, or some other eardrum tragedy, Jane sparked a banter that would win the heart of this music buff forever. As VP of music licensing at Sony, Jane really had nothing to worry about with Brian. And if his taste in music was ever called into question, one only had to tune in to the wedding playlist to have their doubts squashed. Between Brian and their killer DJ Ben, the playlist was tight and the dance moves were loose. The bride walked down the aisle to Cat Power's 'Sea of Love', the groomsmen wore Steal Your Face and Hall & Oates cufflinks, Bel Biv Devoe spoke to us about the dangers of big butts and smiles.... it was good. 

After a night of heavy dancing, Brian and Co. retired to the veranda/public sidewalk to enjoy some incredibly tasty cigars, sent over as a gift from Sony ATV's CEO, who shares an anniversary with the new Mr & Mrs Cappelli. The two split town this morning for Tulum, and I was glad to share their sneak peek with them before they flew out. Thanks to Brian and Jane's friends and fam for being so great to work with, and big props to Dan Wilson for his exemplary work on camera 2. 

Absolutely loved shooting in NY and if you're getting married there soon...let's talk. xo Sarah