twin tree healing

I haven't blogged in so long. Like...soooooooo long. I'll have to tell you all the why's and how come's on another day, because right now, I just want to talk about today. 



I have no idea why I was so drawn to Ali and Greta, the team of sisters behind Twin Tree Healing. Maybe it was because they remind me of my daughters, except all grown up. Maybe because we both LOVE the twin trees at Stroud Preserve. Maybe because we were supposed to meet and the fates were channeling through me.

All I know is that today, after months of talking about it, we finally met to shoot at 7 am. And we were together until noon. We talked more than we photographed, obviously, and it was one of those talks where every few minutes there'd be a chorus of "No wayyy..... ME TOO!!!!!". One of those divine connections.

I knew I was enjoying myself and right where I needed to be but I didn't even realize HOW MUCH until it was time to leave. I had absolutely no idea I was still on earth. I pulled out of the long driveway that leads from Ali's secluded wooded hideaway and felt like I'd just gotten back from another planet. And that's the phrase the girls kept using: "we are from the same planet".

In just 5 hours, I felt like we'd made a world, or traveled to one together. For a bit we were really just not of the earth. It was just the kind of practical magic I needed.

To my beautiful new friends. xo

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