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I promised I'd give everyone an update on where I've been. So... here it goes.

Did any of you ever read Eat Pray Love? Do you remember the part when Liz is at the ashram and is all Zen and decides to take a vow of silence? How, in spite of her outgoing self, she aspires to be an ethereal, soft-spoken wisp of a person who doesn't, like, verbalize every thought that comes into her mind? Well, in that same vein I wish I was the sort of person who knew how to 1) relax, 2) be content, and 3) specialize in one field. But I am absolutely not that person. Not even a little. And the Universe laughs at me every time I take my own version of a "vow of silence".

I wish I could be the sort of photographer who just remained very, very stoked about their brand. Or just shooting weddings. Or getting their lighting set-up dialed in. Or having their kit featured on Rangefinder, or any of the other things I see photographers around me being really stoked on.

I wish I was the sort of writer who found myself so clever, I endlessly churned out blogs for the top online content producers, who sat down with semi-undivided attention long enough to string together all my polished vignettes into one polished manuscript, to eagerly ship off to lucky editors everywhere.

I wish I was a journalist so consumed with my beat and the thirst for by-lines that I chased stories on stories on stories, and "made a name for myself" in that field.

But I just can't stay away from my occupational smorgasbord long enough to do these things. If variety is the spice of life, I'll take mine extra spicy, with some hot sauce on the side. 

So, what have I been doing? I've been....making a documentary. OBVIOUSLY. 

An interactive, web-based documentary about the City of Coatesville, to be precise. It's called BYPASSED, and we hope you'll give our Facebook page a like and follow along. I'm collaborating on this project with Tailor Made Media, Juggling Wolf (stop motion animation), and many other talents, as well as the residents of Coatesville, to whom this project belongs. 

And while the fundraising gets off the ground to fund this Fall's production schedule, I've also been named the Dr. Mian A. Jan Fellow for the Chester County Historical Society. That work, which will take place June-August, involves an oral history project with the Indo-Pak community of Chester County.

So, AGP continues to be a HUGE part of my life, but it's supporting an enormously rich variety of activities behind the scene. Thank you for being a part of it, and for inviting me into your milestones along the way.

xo Sarah

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