maria + alex : california wedding photographer : castaway burbank + el matador beach

About ten years ago I met Alex on the set of Lady In The Water, while we were both doing background work in Philadelphia. Not too long after, Alex moved to LA and we stayed in touch thanks to the marvels of modern life.

I watched his romance with Maria unfold in true stalker form, relishing each photo and new relationship status update. I also watched as Alex launched his own photography career and have continued to be blown away by his natural talent. So I was beyond touched and flattered when Maria and Alex invited me to California to capture their wedding day. I spent the early afternoon with Maria and her girls. 

The wedding took place at Castaway Resort in Burbank, CA. The staff was awesome (any wedding coordinator who keeps back-up aisle runners on hand is okay by me) and the vibe was super chill. The view during the ceremony was gorgeous on their perfectly clear, June-gloom free day. 

We made a quick pit stop to sign the wedding license with their officiant, Bob......

....and then it was time for some alone-ish kinda moments.

These two had a rockin' reception. I really have to give it up to their friends and family for showering them in enthusiasm, presence, and sick dance moves. It was so refreshing to see a room full of people who actually showed up to have fun and celebrate!!!

And because we all just could not get enough of one another, we arranged for an After Session on Malibu's El Matador Beach. Alex shoots there often with his models, so it seemed fitting to take my own gorgeous models there. I want to thank Maria for being such a good sport about getting her dress sandy to indulge the photographer hearts in Alex and I. 

After sessions are great for couples who skip a First Look but still want a generous amount of couples portraits out of their wedding. You can add an After Session to any wedding for the cost of a standard portrait session, and call the shots of the time of day, the location, and the styling. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Alex and Maria and their families for such a warm welcome and inclusion in your incredible day!!! Special thanks to my best friend Tara Rolfe who came along for her first assistant/second camera were a huge help to me and got some great shots!

xo Sarah