jennie + brad : family-centric and eclectic phoenixville wedding : the columbia station

Babies in hats. A pitbull in a bow tie. An action figure stand-in for the best man, who welcomed a baby the morning of the wedding (congrats!!!). Bedazzled bridal Vans. 

Jennie and Brad's bash was anything but ordinary. Their personalities were present in every way, as was their deep and abiding love of family. Dan started his morning with the boys at Jennie and Brad's home, while I joined the bride and her maidens at the Holmes-stead.

We didn't do a First Look with the bride and groom.

But we did  do one with Jennie + Lemmy... her beloved pup. 

Can you???? Because I kind of CANNOT.

Lemmy is so special to Jennie and Brad, that much is for sure.

But the couple's tenderness and appreciation for family extends even to the two-legged crew. Especially their impeccably dressed crew of nephews. 

Then it was ceremony time. We powwowed at The Columbia Station

and tucked ourselves away in the caboose.

This was the third wedding I've had the honor of celebrating with the Holmes family, and my fourth with Columbia Station. So a good bit of this reception felt like a celebration I was part of in heart, and not just a hired gun.


That's a pretty amazing feeling.

Then it was time to.................    D      A       N      C      E.

But not to Lil Jon and the usual wedding playlist. The first dance? Pantera. The groomsmen quartet's serenade? Boyz II Men.

After a quick metal interlude complete with head banging, the crowd in its entirety joined hands and encircled the new Mr. and Mrs. Koch. The last dance was a Billy Joel 'Piano Man' singalong and sway sesh.


Surrounded by love. That's the way to end the night.


Venue: The Columbia Station
Catering: Robert Ryan Catering
Hair and Make-up: Cassie Sterling and Team, Salon Chloe
Dress: David Tutero
Bridesmaids: J. Crew
Bridal shoes: Vans , customized by bride