nikki + don, north glade inn, maryland

Finally getting started on posting 2017 work, and where better to begin than with the wedding of a dear friend?

When you've walked with someone through some of life's deepest pain, NOTHING can compare to the joy of celebrating their well-deserved happiness. This wedding was all of that. Nikki and I have been friends for long enough that we've weathered more than our fair share of storms together. It means so much to me to see how happy Don makes her, and how happy they were on their wedding weekend. They are the other's true counterpart. 

Nikki and Don were married at the bride's family compound on the water in Deep Creek, MD. The reception took place at the beautiful North Glade Inn, complete with jam band (of course). We laughed, we cried, we danced, we partied.

All in all, this day by the lake went too fast.