Hey you, happy 2018! I wanted to check in because, ummm, my website and blog AND Insta have all come to a posting halt and I didn't want you fine folks thinking I quit on you. Why the quiet? Call it the calm before the storm. 

I know I'm not alone in this: when I'm working on something

big, new, or creatively demanding, I get very quiet. 

At any rate, that's exactly where I'm at right now: in my head. Additionally, almost every single one of our 2017 weddings was a candidate for publication, so I am trying to hold those babies close until the Blog Gods decide which they want. Shine your favor upon us, Publication Goddesses. 


In 2017, I was privileged to photograph so many INSANE weddings, with the most talented, ambitious, and accomplished clients at their center. It was an absolute DREAM to be a part of these weddings! Although I traveled cross country most of the summer with my twins, it was still just as fun to spend most of those 2017 weddings out of state. This girl hates sitting still. 

Going into 2018, our bookings are evenly distributed in a way that turns me into the excited Oprah gif (you know the one). My very own wedding will take place October 13 at Foxfire Mountain House, and I get to play MOH-tographer for my sistercousin in April. So it's a great year to not have any major bottlenecks in my wedding bookings and I'm going to try to keep it that way. 2018 is close to full, so if you're considering my team, smash that MF contact button.  I've got room for about 5-7 more and then I'm closing those books, and sending all inquiries to my associates. 

Before I sign off, I just want to remind you all about our separately branded photobooth business, Clique Bait Photobooth Co.  My FEYONCE Sean is in charge of those ops, and doing great at it, but we are def hungry for more with our own wedding to pay for. If you decide AGP just ain't your thang for photography, please still consider us as your photobooth rental posse. We literally make the party when we show up, so let's call it a win-win. 

team jove meyer

Finally, thank you to all of the unbelievably talented vendors that made eye candy happen for our cameras. At this level, a photographer is really only as good as what they're shooting, and so I thank you for taking our work to the next level with your designs and creativity. 

xx Sarah 

I now pronounce you chuck + lori: front & palmer

Chuck and Lori's incredible candlelit ceremony and reception was designed by Q|A Event Designs. The bride walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of Sam Smith's 'Latch'...not a dry eye in the house, including mine! Associate photographer Eliza was my second shooter, and Dan created a cinematography highlight reel of the day. 

I waited so long to blog this that I am happy to share some news: Chuck + Lori recently called to set up their newborn session....IT'S (gonna be) A GIRL!!!!