becca + bill : white chimneys, lancaster wedding photographer

I met Becca during our time as servers at Longhorn Steakhouse. If you've ever worked in the restaurant industry, you know how tight these groups can get. I left about 8 years ago, but kept in touch with my friends (thanks, FB!). Becca stayed on and continued to make lasting relationships there, including one with a special customer named Bill. As fate would have it, one her bridesmaids, Ally, had given Becca her shift, leading her to wait on Bill and his friend Jimmy (one of the groomsmen). Becca agreed to meet with Bill and Jimmy after her shift -- not part of her normal repertoire-- after Bill asked if it would be okay to 'stalk her' in Wet Chester later...not creepy!!! But the groups never met up that night. Undeterred, Becca remembered his name from his credit card and found him online (thanks again, FB!) and messaged him saying 'Who's the stalker now??'. The pair started dating shortly thereafter and were engaged within the year.

On Saturday, Maria and I witnessed these stalkers getting hitched and the formation of a new family for Becca's daughters Callie and Jamie. I can't tell you what a cool feeling it is to see people I've know for a long time find their happiness, especially a deserving single mom like Becca. She is a light and a kindness I feel blessed to have in my life after all these years.

If you're wondering who was more emotional during the ceremony, I believe we have a tie. Not between Bill and Becca but between Bill and their minister! Bill cried a bunch (11 times being the all day tally), but their officiant, who introduced himself as a stern fella, sure did blow his cover as a sentimentalist at heart. 

Becca's two gorgeous daughters were not the only kids there. In fact, it was one of the kid-friendliest weddings I've ever been a part of. Which, of course, my camera loved....

Also special was having Becca's 87 year old grandmother in attendance, all the way from New Mexico. Sharp as a tack, and loving every moment of being with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The day started out with pouring, buckets, but truth be told, I have been DYING to use my clear vinyl bubble umbrellas at a wedding all season. I was prepared for (and even welcomed) the rain, but I can't pretend I wasn't THRILLED when the sun graced us with its presence just in time to set over the Lancaster County landscape. Yea...I planned it. NBD.

Thank you Becca and Bill, for your investment in AGPcollective and your faith in me. Huge thanks also to Maria Bertoncini, for photographing alongside me and sometimes holding my umbrella.