don't be fooled by her lack of web presence…

It's not often that a business owner lucks out with their team members the way we have lucked out with holding on to Eliza. She is an artist of unspeakable creative talent and technical know-how, who rightfully could be running her own successful business -- if she wanted to. 

Eliza has a BA in Visual Arts from Emerson College and has shot hundreds of weddings, not to mention her work on Hollywood film sets, and on the visual team for high profile political campaigns.

But Eliza ticks a little differently than your average jane. She has a passion for her two children, Inara and Orion, whom she homeschools at their gorgeous farm property in Lancaster Co. She thrives when she is living a simple, purpose-driven life, and although she relishes the chance to share her photography skills with couples in the love, the high pressure that goes along with self-promotion and full scale self employment is not for her. She'd rather hand her images over to me at the end of a wedding, and go back to her chickens and garden. I'm not mad about it! 

It's a true relief for me to have someone like Eliza to shoot as an associate or alongside me. She has never once disappointed with her images, she is diligent and loyal and she treats my business as if it is her own.

We are currently working on rebuilding Eliza's online portfolio after I accidentally erased it. Hang tight!