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first things first, i'm the realest

When people meet me for the first time, I can almost always see them relaxing in my presence, and I do mean I can physically see it: the tension melting from their shoulders, their smiles getting a bit wider, and their laughs coming a little easier. I get the sense that my warmth and approachability are unexpected, like maybe people think I'm going to be arrogant or pretentious, when in fact my disarming, calming presence is usually the first thing my clients touch on in their reviews!  I mention this because I can't stress enough about how important this trait is for creating images that feel natural and authentic. If I can see the calm spreading over your face, so can the camera. This rapport is the key ingredient in my photo style.... it's how I get my couples to look so natural and happy in their images. It's because we are actually having a great time!

couple tested, parent approved

These days, anyone can buy an expensive camera, take thousands of images to end up with a few good ones, and purchase an editing preset/filter that gives their photos 'a lewk'. If you have spent any time wading through the literal thousands of wedding photographers in your area, then you are already aware of this. 

I combine talent and warmth with a polished business presence and commitment to professional excellence, earned through years as a manager for a Fortune 500 company. I run my team with this experience as a template; I am not merely a whimsical artist who is fumbling their way through the more serious aspects of the business. In other words, my team may have a laid back demeanor but we aren't so informal that we'll embarrass you in front of your parents, or your parents in front of their friends. I have never botched a contract, lost a file, missed a deadline, or showed up to a black tie wedding in a t-shirt and jeans. a.k.a. flake level: low.

 In an industry with no standard practices or regulation where anyone can call themselves a professional, I assure you that this level of experience is rare. It's for these reasons that working with us is a notch above.

photo + photo booth 

With a 5-star rating that spans over half a decade, many of my team members have been with me since 2013. I take personal accountability for every representative of my brand, and oversee every detail of your image processing, photobooth rental and the occasional video package. We are proud to be a one-stop-shop.

An ally who thinks that should be a given

I'm obsessed with the diversity of the human experience. My life goal has always been 'go everywhere and meet everyone'. I'm in awe of the many ways there are to experience a life and I consider myself a student of everyone I meet.

I'm someone who values and admires people of all creeds, sexual orientations, gender identities and cultures but I try to avoid capitalizing on these beliefs as a way to pander. I do my best to honor and acknowledge your chosen pronouns, and not make your choice of a partner into a hashtag commodity. Instead, I believe that the people who are meant to find me, will do so organically. 

And when they do, I hope they will know they are home with me. 

photo credit: kelly giarrocco

photo credit: kelly giarrocco

The investments you make in this work are used to support my family of four, as we attempt to be active and just citizens of the world. My partner Sean and I raise our daughters to live a socially conscious lifestyle, and I spend my free time engaged in community storytelling projects that advocate for social justice.

AGPcollective's work has been published by: Good Morning America, BRIDES, The Knot,    Philadelphia Magazine Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, Junebug Weddings,                100 Layer Cake, Rock N Roll Bride, Carats and Cake, The Huffington Post,                    Flaunt Magazine, and more. (I mean seriously. Pinch me, I'm dreaming!)  

Our sister brand, Clique Bait Photobooth Co. was just featured in Martha Stewart Real Weddings Summer 2018 issue. 

i think this is what they call a humble brag.

I have been so unbelievably lucky to shoot weddings from Malibu to Maine, to have been hired by Super Bowl champions, Emmy Award-winning producers, Food Network stars, kickass female MDs, and other exceptional people of discriminating taste. But truth be told, it's just REAL and down to earth love that inspires me. The kind I have in my own very un-fancy life.  


there is the REST, and then there is agp.