M E E T   T H E  T E A M

AGPcollective is a team of artists with one shared passion: telling your stories in the most artful + authentic way.



The creative director and establishing artist of the AGP, Sarah specializes in visual storytelling and infusing mood + emotion into a photograph. With a background in anthropology, she has a deep appreciation for the human experience and a talent for anticipating moments before they happen. When she’s not holding a camera, she’s working on her first book.


S E A N - C L I Q U E B A I T P H O T O B O O T H

Sean is the Head Honcho of photo booth ops. He serves double-duty as Sarah's assistant for our high-end weddings and has a background on second camera for wedding cinematography. As of October 2018, he is also Sarah’s husband.

*we are not currently accepting booth bookings for events after Dec 2020.


E L I Z A - 2 n d S h o o t e r

The most formally educated photographer in the bunch, Eliza has a strong foundation in the visual arts and an eye for perfection. Her images have been published internationally alongside Sarah's, and she has been with AGP since we started. Eliza is also available to work as an associate, taking the lead on weddings when I am already booked.


S A B I N A - 2 n d S h o o t e r

Sabina is an Israeli-born photographer based in West Chester, PA. She specializes in portrait photography and has been co-shooting with AGP since 2017. Her first wedding with us was published in The Knot NYC in July 2018.

We also work with Dan Wilson and Genava Gisondi, who always seem busy on picture day. We have recently discontinued our in-house cinematography program.