Second Season: Floral Donations Cheer Committee

For 2016, every couple may choose to donate their floral arrangements and/or centerpieces through our Second Season program. The photographers will load up the flowers at the end of the night, so not only do you get to give back, you can make a clean getaway with one less chore to fret over. Our Cheer Committee (which is just a fancy way of saying 'my twin 7 year old daughters + my mom') will make gift tags for each arrangement with your names and wedding date, and deliver them to local nursing homes in your honor.

The DEAR MAMA Project

As a single mama, I will never forget the mixed bag of emotions that Mother's Day brought when my babies were small. I felt so proud and strong for all we had achieved through the year, but hollow and empty without a partner to witness it or celebrate it with me...and then I'd feel guilty for letting those negative feelings enter in.

As soon as I got on solid footing, I decided, I wanted to do something for single moms for Mother's Day, something special to make them feel joyful. So the DEAR MAMA project was born. For every Mother's Day Gift Kit that AGP sells, we donate a free session to a local single mom. Our donor can nominate someone from their lives or choose from our pre-selected list. The single mama then receives a sweet Mother's Day card and a little letter about the project in the mail, either disclosing their donor or anonymously.

We've brightened many days with this project thanks to your support, and can't wait to bring this tradition back year after year.