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“It was like having two best friends right by my side. It made it possible for me to not have a single worry. Oh and the photos! They were able to capture some of the most precious and breathtaking moments. The emotions that I get to re-live every time I look at these photos allows me to enjoy the best day ever for the rest of my life. I can't imagine anyone capturing my wedding better than AGPcollective.” - Caroline

Love is love. We embrace it all.


As one of Philadelphia’s most sought after wedding photography studios, AGPcollective represents the top of the line for photojournalistic coverage. To create a finished product that feels effortless, takes experience. We draw on a decade of honing our craft, carefully selecting our team members, and harness years of Fortune 500 client-facing training to offer an unparalleled experience. Plus…we’re fun!

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I see my team as your visual translators. We are not hired to simply show what happened and who was there, but to capture and convey what it felt like to be a part of the day. We look for fleeting moments, glances, and touch between our couples and guests alike, that will live on to speak for the emotions of the day. We observe each unique detail and personality present, then devote ourselves to weaving together each element to create a comprehensive whole that speaks your story.

I aim to bring a calm and centered presence to your day. As I will be by your side for the most important hours of your life, my innate ability to connect and to intuit the needs of others is paramount. It takes only a glance at our reviews to understand how impactful this has been for our clients. We are available worldwide.


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